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Anything You Want to Know About Meat Cleaver Knife

Aug 28,2022 | Fzkaly

If you just want to invest one kitchen knife in your kitchen, that must be a meat cleaver knife. A cleaver knife is a versatile knife even for hard bones, and hard veggies.

Anything You Want to Know About Meat Cleaver Knife

What is a meat cleaver knife?

The traditional meat cleaver has a wide and curved tip, and a long blade makes it great for butchering large meat cuts. Thus, it is usually used by pro butchers. Nowadays, the meat cleaver has gradually become a common kitchen tool due to its new design and less scary looking. When in terms of a meat cleaver, we usually mean the kitchen knife with a heavy blade, a thick spine, and a wide and rectangular or irregular shape blade.

What is a meat cleaver knife used for?

A meat cleaver, as its name suggests, is well suited for cutting through bones, sinew, connective tissues, cartilage, and large cuts of meat. Except for meats, it is also great for heavy vegetables like pumpkin or root vegetables, it is ideal for pounding, mincing, dicing, and slicing diverse foods. What's more, its wide blade is a good helper for crushing herbs, squashing garlic, and transferring foods to containers.

As you can see, a meat cleaver is a multifunction knife. Don't hesitate to own one.

Is a butcher knife and a cleaver knife the same thing?

Actually, a butcher knife and a meat cleaver knife are not the same things. Though, they are both great for cutting bones and thick cuts of meats, here are some small differences. A Butcher knife often features a long, curved blade, usually cut through meats by saw motion. While a cleaver knife features a wider rectangular or irregular shape blade, we usually chop up and down with force to handle meats.

Can a meat cleaver cut through bone?

Yes, a meat cleaver knife is designed for cutting through all types of bones as well as thick meat. With it, you can handle chicken and pork bones with ease, you can also use it for harder bones like lamb bones, of course, you need to put more force to finish harder tasks.

Can you use a cleaver for everything?

Yes, you can use a versatile cleaver knife for practically everything, whether it is tough meats and large vegetables or small items. It is worth mentioning that it can't do well in sawing through a loaf of bread as well as paring fruits, though it can be done.

Anything you want to know about meat cleaver knife

Should a meat cleaver knife be sharp?

Generally, a cleaver knife is not needed to be as sharp as a chef's knife, because it is easily broken when cutting bones.

If you need thin slices of vegetables, we recommend you find a Nakiri.

Is it worth getting a cleaver?

As we all know, buying a whole chicken or cut steak from a large chunk of beef is so much cheaper than buying an off-the-shelf product. Is it worth owning a cleaver depends on your cutting needs.

If you need to work with bones a lot, then you need one meat cleaver knife. If you prefer veggies or regularly buy finished meat from the supermarket, then you don't need to invest in a meat cleaver anymore.