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Knife Maintenance

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6 products

With proper knife care and maintenance, your kitchen knife will prolong its life. So, how to maintain your knife correctly?
1. Regular sharpening
According to how frequently you use your knife and what's the steel used in your knife, choose the right time to sharpen your knife. we recommend having your knives sharpened every 1-2 months to keep their edge. which tools do I need to sharpen my knives? We recommend honing steel, knife sharpener, and whetstone depending on how pro your knife sharpening skills are.
2. Correctly knife cleaning
Hand wash with warm soapy water and dry your knife completely using a soft towel.
3. Safe storage
Store your kitchen knives safely so that they stay pristine for longer. Knife bags, magnetic knife holders, gift boxes, and knife blocks, all are good ideas.
4. Oil your knife
Especially for carbon knives, you'd better oil it with food-safe, neutral oil, such as camellia oil to protect your blade and encourage a slow and even patina.