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3 products

Whetstone is the best knife sharpening tool, except for sharpening knives, it can also sharpen scissors and plain blades. It takes some effort and time to learn how to use it, thus it is often loved by enthusiastic cooks and pro chefs.
When choosing a whetstone, you need to know what's the digit on the side of the whetstone indicates? The digit refers to the grit size of the abrasive particles in the stone. the higher the grit is, the finer finishing.
1. Coarse grit (less than #1000)
If you have extremely dull or damaged kitchen knives, a coarse grit will help you reshape the blade easily in less than no time.
2. Medium (#1000 to #3000) 
Finer grit whetstone is great for regular edge maintenance.
If you don't sharpen your knife regularly, the #1000 grit whetstone is your go-to sharpening stone. #2000-3000 range is finer and is more appropriate for people who like to sharpen their Japanese knives more regularly. 
3. Fine (#3000-#8000) 
For polishing and honing to a razor finish.
This grit range will help sharpen and finish the knife which will polish and hone to a razor finish. The pro chef would prefer it.