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Every thing you need to know about Damascus steel knife

Oct 02,2022 | Fzkaly

Damascus steel knives are in vogue in kitchen cutlery nowadays. But is this just advertising Gimmicks? Is a Damascus steel knife good? Do you really need a Damascus steel knife? Well, that's the question we're here to answer.

Every thing you need to know about Damascus steel knife

What is Damascus steel knife?

In order to figure this out you first have to understand the difference between traditional Damascus steel and modern Damascus steel.

Tradition Damascus steel was the forged steel of the blades of swords smithed, made by a new technique known as wootz steel, dating back to 900 AD to as late as 1750 AD. This technology is lost in modern times. However, Damascus steel we often say now refers to modern Damascus steel.

The modern Damascus steel refers to a new technology-welded which folds and forges several layers of steel, up to 67 or 73 layers. Hard steel is sandwiched between softer steel to ensure a sharp edge as well as long-lasting edge retention. Damascus steel knife was made of this kind of steel.

Damascus steel origin?

There are several opinions about the origin of Damascus, the most well-known of which is that Damascus was named in the vicinity of Damascus, Syria.

What is Damascus steel knife used for?

Due to its high hardness and long edge retention, Damascus steel has advantages in making knives which range from kitchen knives to camping and survival knife.

Is Damascus steel good knives?

True Damascus steel knife is of the highest quality as a fantastic knife. Damascus steel is renowned for its appealing look. layered and forged with other types of steel, the Damascus knife offers excellent strength, durability, and silky cutting experience. It was used on swords in history, making it also good as a hunting knife nowadays. Its biggest advantage is that it can retain a sharper edge for a long time and does not require frequent sharpening, which is an advantage in kitchen work.

Is Damascus steel knife strong?

Damascus steel is pretty strong and durable, making it the attractive steel used in kitchen knives and meal preparation blades. Modern Damascus steel welds different layers of steel to make a very thin blade with long edge retention.

Does Damascus steel knife rust?

Modern hand-forged Damascus steel blade is capable, durable, and highly rust-resistant. Generally, a Damascus knife can be used for a long time in the kitchen without rust. Of course, it doesn't mean you don't need to care about your knife or put it in water or moisture long time. As we all know, prolonged exposure to moisture will cause rust. Thus, the key point is don't leave your Damascus blade wet for too long. Just keep your blade clean and dry to avoid oxidizing (rust) quickly.

Is Damascus kitchen knife prone to break down?

As we all know, the Damascus kitchen knife is super sharp with high hardness. In another hand, hardness is not everything, hardness often goes along with brittleness. But Damascus Steel was so flexible that it can return to its original state without much damage. Thus Damascus kitchen knife isn't brittle.No need to worry about bending or deforming the blade.

How to take care of Damascus steel knives?

A Damascus steel kitchen knife that has been carefully crafted over hundreds of hours deserves your careful care to retain its brightness. But don't let it alarm you, maintain Damascus kitchen knife is simple, just remember a few do's and don'ts:

Let's see don'ts first:


  • Soak the blade in a water or moisture environment for a long time
  • Leave the blade rest in a damp tea towel, wash cloth, etc
  • Wash in a dishwasher

Then, let's see what we need to do.


Clean your knife under running water with a lightly soapy dish sponge, then wipe and dry with a soft cloth, and finally store it in a dry place. For better care, you can oil your Damascus steel knife once a year to stay beautiful.

How to sharpen Damascus steel knife?

With proper care, Damascus steel knives may not require sharpening for years. However, if it won't sharp anymore, you need sharpening.

You can sharpen your Damascus knife with different sharpening tools, like honing steel, knife sharpener, or whetstone. As with all quality knives, the best way is to use a whetstone. All you need to pre is a dull knife, a double-sided whetstone, a bowl of water, and a towel. If you don't have a whetstone at home, you can buy one at here: https://www.fzkaly.com/collections/whetstones. Check this article: How to Sharpen a Knife With a Whetstone?

Why is Damascus steel so expensive?

Damascus steel is so expensive for 3 reasons.

First, aslo the most popular reason is its unique wavy pattern which apparently sets it apart from other steels and makes the Damascus kitchen knife a work of art that is worthy of collect.

Second, the cost of a Damascus steel knife is high due to the knife-making process being time-consuming and effort-consuming.

The process involves folding metal as much as 36 times, It may take around 200 hours to finish one. Third, The performance of the Damascus chef knives is better than most other kitchen knives on the market. Razor sharp and durable blade as well as long-lasting edge retention ensures an amazing cooking experience.

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